NVT Life Square

Make your way in to NVT Life Square, a premium villa community located in Whitefield, with Bengaluru's firstdouble-sided villas. These uniquely designed villas offer a plethora of benefits owing to their architecture, and true to its description in twice the volume.

A residential community where play and leisure zones are without fences, and where you can go around all the zones without worries of safety and security. This villa-community has plenty of spaces to socialize, celebrate, rejoice, play and mingle with neighbours.

These homes are a reflection of thoughtful design, meticulous planning and obsession to quality of workmanship. Welcome to villas made with twice the heart, to double your experiences in life.


NVT Arcot Vaksana

Vaksana is Sanskrit for nourishing, invigorating and refreshing, a name which truly signifies the vitality of the project and its surroundings. NVT Arcot Vaksana, set on seven acres of fertile space in Sarjapura, exudes vigor and beauty.

The Edwardian-style Villas boast of abundance; with generous proportions, larger spaces, open parks and gardens, all of which are implicative of the grandiose of the Victorian era.

The Villas come in two very charming styles: The Earth Villa and Sky Villa, both of which have a 4 BHK configuration. They are a mix of eclectic and avant-garde designs that provide convenience and comfort.


NVT Orchid Garden

Through simplicity comes great beauty. - Unknown

NVT Orchid Garden is a luxury villa development project spread over 6.5 acres that comprises of 56 villas. The inspiration of this project culminates from the simple yet alluring orchid flower, which is the ultimate symbol of sophistication and modesty.

Strategically situated on the main Sarjapur road, Orchid Garden is a stone's throw from the Dommasandra intersection, right in the vicinity of popular schools like TISB, Greenwood High and Inventure Academy and close to Whitefield, Electronic City and Ring Road.

At NVT Orchid Garden, we have translated the philosophy of simple, refined joy we seek in daily lives by designing simple yet beautiful homes that magnify space and let in air and light.


Client Recommendations

Design Studio

Every time we sit down with our drawing boards, we aim to create something that is different; something unique. Our goal is to transform this vivid imagination into extraordinary designs, and extraordinary designs into breathtaking reality. We are the NVT Design Studio, our minds are always brimming with design concepts and ideas that we wish to materialize into something awe-inspiring.

We have three main areas in our practice- interior design, furniture and window dressing. NVT Design Studio works sustainably with the best materials and craftsman in an attempt to deliver our signature eclectic style. NVT Design Studio projects are made in a contemporary style that combines the best of traditional and modern with a meticulous eye for detail, color, texture and design.