Chairman's Desk

K. G. Garg


It is my pleasure to welcome you to explore the world of NVT Group.

Over the years, we have been able to create an impact in all NVT Group activities through the philosophy of 'Quality'. As you explore, you will realize that this philosophy has been adopted in every aspect of all our businesses.

We have been offering our services for quality management certification and have successfully built a reputed base of customers across India and South East Asia. In addition, our B School, International School of Management Excellence, is ranked as one of the top B schools in the country.

We believe in delivering Quality through a professional approach. This philosophy has resulted in NVT having a high credibility amongst customers.

At NVT Quality Lifestyle, we bring the philosophy of quality in the form of a quality home. Being a part of a worldwide Quality certifying body NVT Quality Certification, a leading Quality Management Certification Body, we have set up processes in the development and construction activities that match global standards. Our focus on quality ensures that our material specifications are at the highest level. We have developed process controls and monitoring systems at an international level based on our vast experience in this area. In addition, the entire project management team consists of graduates of some of the best schools and come with an international exposure and experience of working in countries around the world.

We believe in giving you the best and select only the best of everything, from the bricks to the flowers only the best for you.

I am sure that the global experience of the team at NVT Group and the attention to quality combined with a professional approach would result in delivering some of the best projects in Bangalore. We look forward to developing some of the landmark projects in India that you can truly be proud of.

I invite you to further explore and be a part of our group.

K. G. Garg


NVT Group of Companies