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Design is creativity with strategy.? - Rob Curedale

Good design is always uncomplicated. It should inspire and stimulate but should not seem odd and outlandish. In this attempt to create good spaces, as designers our responsibilities are dual in nature: Professional and Creative.

Professionally, our responsibility lies towards our clients and the many users involved with that space. We want to ensure that they get what they want within the preset boundaries of time and cost. With the users, it is to make sure they are interacting with a space where everything is functional, intentional and inspiring.

On the creative front our responsibility is directed towards our clients and to quench our own creative thirst and urges. For the client, we wish to open new doors of thinking while delivering the brief and beyond. As for us, we strive to explore new paths while attempting to find appropriate design solutions for everyday problems. We also ensure that there is a harmonious balance between function and form, for Architecture is an art and a science in equal proportions, as is creativity and strategy.

It is through this simple amalgamation, that we find creative bliss.

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At this ultra luxury villa project that caters to the extensive expat community, our objective was to create a space that was a perfect blend of old and new. While the architectural designs are kept modern and contemporary the look and feel of the home are minimalistic and traditional. All the elements are designed according to this objective; wood cut panels on the roof, new and different lighting effects and an interesting deco wall.

An inviting space that exuberates elegance and extravagance, it is a perfect example of understated sophistication.

NVT Orchid Garden

NVT Orchid Garden is a luxury villa development project spread over 6.5 acres that comprises of 56 villas. The inspiration of this project culminates from the simple yet alluring orchid flower, which is the ultimate symbol of sophistication and modesty. Our aim for this project is to give a modern look with simplicity as its foundation.

Strategically situated on the main Sarjapur road, Orchid Garden is a stone's throw from the Dommasandra intersection, right in the vicinity of popular schools like TISB, Greenwood High, Inventure Academy,Indusind close to Whitefield, Electronic City and Ring Road.

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This is one of our most compelling and challenging projects. A spacious 4-bedroom apartment that is spread across a single floor. The home comes with a magnanimous living room and hence it took a lot of thought to maintain a fine balance between incorporating formal and informal spaces. To maximize the space, elements like a formal living room, bar area, dining room were added along with creatively decorated niches and ledges. It is a peaceful and warm abode that showcases a perfect concoction of style and space.

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At NVT Quality Lifestyle, we strive for excellence. We aim to please our clients and customers with our innovative designs and impeccable execution. When we create, we aspire to wrap architectural functionalities in a cocoon of designs and styles that are pleasing to the eye. Combining art and utility as per our clients’ needs is our foremost priority. To review more projects go to our exclusive website