Why Bangalore’s best professionals are buying NVT Arcot Vaksana villas on Sarjapura Road.

Buying your dream home is not an easy task. If you consider the number of factors that need to be taken into account, it is probably one of the most complex life decisions there are.

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“As a quality specialist, I have learned that quality doesn’t happen by chance or luck”, says Madan Udaykumar, a professional Q&A specialist. “It is a result of a strong commitment and painstaking attention to details”. This commitment to quality drew Madan to NVT Quality Lifestyle, when he visited his friend at a prior project by the same group. He remembers being impressed with the quality of workmanship and finishing. The NVT Group’s background as a leading quality-certifier since 1996 instilled greater confidence about this commitment.

The transparent and honest interactions with NVT’s Directors was also a big factor in his choice. “I feel I have a voice when I can directly call Vivek, a Director of the company and have my concerns addressed”, he says. “The location of Sarjapur also makes it great for my kids who will go to one of the good schools in the area. It is just a 5-minute drive from home”, he says. Vivek Garg, an alumnus of Purdue University, Director of NVT Quality Lifestyle agrees. “Sarjapur Road was a deliberate choice for NVT Arcot Vaksana, with leading international schools like TISB, Greenwood High, Indus International and Oakridge, within striking distance of our property”, he says. “What better gift can we give our children at this stage in their lives?”

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Why Preeti Mathur chose NVT Arcot Vaksana over other villas

From the time Preeti Mathur, a former lecturer at NIFT, moved to Bangalore with her techie husband 13 years ago, her family cherished a dream of owning a home that had its own garden and open space. But when she met Vivek Garg, Director at NVT Quality Lifestyle, she believed her search for her dream villa was over. “When you’re evaluating real estate options you often don’t know who the people behind the company are. That’s why Vivek’s direct interactions with us were special and valuable. It was really professional, open and transparent”, she says. The fact that he was open to feedback and accessible are reasons that made it easier for Preeti.

The location of the property was another big factor. Her children go to a school in Koramangala and her business is in Bellandur. Her husband works out of either Whitefield or E-City. That’s why Sarjapur Road made the most perfect sense for all. “I’m proud to say that I’m one of the first customers who signed up for the project”, she signs off.

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Why Vijay Chachra saw value in the NVT Arcot Vaksana Villas

Vijay Chachra had almost invested in another villa project when he came across NVT Quality Lifestyle. “What intrigued me was the background of NVT’s Directors. They are alumni of Ivy League instituteswho understood my need for seeing professionalism and integrity in the real estate sector”, he says. With a high degree of transparency in their dealings, Vijay’s mind was at ease. It was exactly the mid-sized community with the right number of families that he was looking for. He appreciates the fact that there is greenery, and breathing space. “With large open spaces, the master planning of the project is exceptional, and I love that!” he concludes. Tanuj Garg, an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon and Wharton Business School, Director of Finance and Operations says, “The most important question we like to ask ourselves – is this the kind of villa I’d like to live in? Only if the answer is yes do we want to go to market with it. That’s why I personally oversee operations on our projects, and ensure the green space promises we make are kept.”

These are perspectives of just three of Bangalore’s professionals who see the value in NVT Quality Lifestyle’s latest offering – NVT Arcot Vaksana. Our community of clients has a number of executives from leading companies such as Accenture, Cisco, Flipkart, HP, Infosys, IBM, Intel, Intuit, LG, LinkedIn, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips, Wipro and more who see the value in a professional offering in the world of real-estate. NVT communities are a harmonious blend of attitude and lifestyle.

These are perspectives of just three of Bangalore’s professionals who see the value in NVT Quality Lifestyle’s latest offering – NVT Arcot Vaksana. Our community of clients has a number of executives from leading companies such as Accenture, Cisco, Flipkart, HP, Infosys, IBM, Intel, Intuit, LG, LinkedIn, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips, Wipro and more who see the value in a professional offering in the world of real-estate. NVT communities are a harmonious blend of attitude and lifestyle.

The Advantages of A Home Amidst Nature

The Advantages of A Home Amidst Nature

No number of buildings can substitute for the well-being that a tree gives. As cities become more industrialised, the urban landscape becomes devoid of a precious commodity – nature. Studies documenting human behaviour have concluded that the absence of nature causes separation anxiety. That’s why an increasing number of luxury urban projects are focusing their construction to include green spaces, where one can enjoy the tranquility of nature, and its benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of living in a community that coexists with nature:

Air filtration: Plants act as natural filters, soaking up excess carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Just to demonstrate how effective plants are in absorbing nitrogen, studies depict that green walls can reduce nearly 40% of nitrogen in a home. That’s cleaner air for you and your family.

Natural coolers: It’s not just the shade offered by plants that reduces the temperature of surrounding areas. Through the process of evaporation, plants act as natural coolers that bring down the temperature of urban areas. During summer, this reduces energy consumption for air-conditioning, and creates a pleasant environment outdoors.

Bio-diversity: Animals have a rightful place among us. Birds and animals living in our vicinity put our minds at ease and give us a greater feeling of well-being. A diverse eco-system inspires our mental health, much like the sound of birds chirping in the early morning gives us a feeling of optimism.

NVT Arcot Vaksana is a delightful urban project that is set amidst seven acres of fertile space in Sarjapura. The land on which it is built was once The Arcot Farm, and is now a residential project that is an oasis of green – offering an invigorating and refreshing lifestyle. NVT Arcot Vaksana derives inspiration from the Edwardian style of architecture, which emphasises lighter colors, more decorative patterns and wide open spaces. The development is a villa community that is reminiscent of the Victorian era with artistic gardens, and beautiful walking boulevards. The 4 BHK villas at this project have been aesthetically designed to ensure spacious rooms that let in natural light and air.

While Vaksana is set in the lap of nature, it is tactically located close to Electronic city and Whitefield, with connectivity to surrounding educational institutes. The homes follow the highest standards, and one can expect a blissful life amidst nature in villas that will bring joy and beautiful memories for years.

4 BHK Luxury Villas in Bangalore that set a Benchmark in Realty Segment

A well-appointed lifestyle is flourishing in every corner of India and Bangalore is one of the cities that has not given it a miss. There are a number of residential projects coming up in the city and consumers are spoilt for choice, maybe a little overwhelmed too.

Notable property developer NVT Group has introduced luxury lifestyle in one of their latest projects – NVT Arcot Vaksana. Featuring 4 BHK designer villas on Main Sarjapur Road for Sale, NVT Arcot Vaksana is an exclusive project perfectly located in the fast developing IT corridor of Sarjapur.

NVT Arcot Vaksana possesses a unique element of creativity in its design, which is an inspiration from the Edwardian style of architecture. Designed by RSP, one of the top architectural firms that is headquartered in Singapore, NVT Arcot Vaksana offers an exquisite villa community lifestyle that integrates artistic gardens, beautiful walking boulevards and large open spaces. The project is spread across 7 acres of verdant land creating an ambience that reflects the beauty of nature.

Strategically placed in the IT corridor on the Sarjapur Main Road, these exceptionally planned villas are just ideal for a majority of professionals. Conveniently located near most of the major companies and easy access to popular schools like Greenwood High, TISB, Indus etc., helps build a great work life balance. These 4 BHK luxurious villas on Bangalore-Sarjapur Road for sale are made available in two configurations namely Earth Villa and Sky Villa. While the Earth Villa has a built up area of 3664 sq. ft., the Sky villa offers a built up area of 2885 sq. ft. Every villa has 4 bedrooms, living room, powder room, family room and 2 car parks. Combined with an assortment of amenities, Vaksana offers its residents a complete lifestyle.

The amenities include:

  • Fountain Square
  • Visitor’s car parking
  • Outdoor Tennis court
  • Kid’s pool
  • Basketball court
  • Kid’s play area
  • Open air theatre
  • Multipurpose play area
  • Seating Gallery
  • Clubhouse
  • Gymnasium
  • Outdoor event lawn
  • Outdoor pool

With a palette full of choices NVT Arcot Vaksana is a flawless blend of magnificently designed living spaces and features that add zest to your life. Life is redefined in these luxury villas on Main Sarjapur Road for sale, so explore and experience nothing less than the best at NVT Arcot Vaksana.

Sarjapura Road – The Real Estate Investment Destination


Being the largest IT hub of India, Bangalore has witnessed a tremendous infrastructure growth in the recent years. From ring road to metro railways, from shopping malls to multiplex chains, the city has become a hub of global infrastructure. A huge influx of people from all over the country to work in the renowned IT multinationals has generated the need for good housing infrastructure as well. And hence, real estate companies have wholeheartedly ventured forward to cater to this exponentially growing need.

On its way to become the next IT corridor, Sarjapur is amongst the top areas in Bangalore to see this upsurge. Located in close proximity to Whitefield, Electronic City and Outer Ring Road, living here offers ease of commute to workplaces. It hosts a bevy of popular schools like Greenwood High, TISB, Indus, Inventure Academy and DPS along with an upcoming Azim Premji University and proposed Infosys SEZ. It has become an ideal place for investment as well since the returns are very promising.

Rapid growth in and around Sarjapura Road: The social infrastructure around this area has seen sound development in the recent years.

Connectivity: It is well connected to schools and workplaces which enable easy accessibility.

Considering all these factors, Sarjapura offers a well-rounded lifestyle. And if you are looking for a residential property in this area, do drop in at NVT Arcot Vaksana. Spread across 7 acres of lush greenery the project offers 66 4 BHK designer villas. The well-planned residential community offers the best of both worlds. One can cherish living in a beautifully designed home surrounded by all conveniences and comforts and have an easy commute to work at the same time. Amenities like squash court, swimming pool, tennis courts, children’s play area, community hall and power backup are also provided for building the complete lifestyle.

Every day at NVT Arcot Vaksana will be a joyful experience, filling up your life with happiness and memories that last forever.